Fixing a Broken Window

Maybe those neighbor kids broke your window, or an item in your house fell over and smashed into the glass, or a storm damaged it. In any case, your window will shatter and break, but how do you fix it up? You could hire someone to fix up, but you could also handle it yourself. Keeping a broken window is a security problem, can cause the outdoor weather to enter your home, and allow for more damage to happen to the weakened glass pane.

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In order to do some glass replacement dallas tx, you’ll need to remove the whole window and replace it with a new pane of glass. This can easily be done with a few small tools on hand, which include gloves, goggles, sealer, paintbrush, putty, and of course the replacement glass. Windows are attached to your house by glazier’s points, which act like nails to keep the window intact. You’ll need to pry these loose and then clean up the broken glass.

Then you need to cut, or have precut, the glass and then slide the new frame into place. Snap the new glass into the window frame, and then use the putty as a glue to hold both sides together, keeping the putty knife on hand to trim the glass. Then you’ll need to add new glazier’s points for extra security to attach the window to your wall.

Once it’s done and everything has dried, go outside and paint over any exposed putty and wood to ensure the frame matches your house. Then, you have a brand new window to use, and it works just as well as the old one! The directions might change based on the size of your window, but doing it by hand is certainly better than doing it yourself.