Most Popular Mixing Blenders

When it comes to mixing, these blenders are the nation’s most popular. This has something to do with the blenders’ versatility. It may also have something to do with the fact that ribbon blenders are low in cost (in comparison to others), and also low on maintenance and production (costs) per pound of product material being produced. Ribbon blenders can be used to mix pretty much anything imaginable. They are being used extensively in the pharmaceuticals industry, that much the reader may already be aware. One industry the reader is surely well aware of is that of the food services industry.

Ribbon blenders are also used in the nutraceuticals industry. Never mind food production, they are used to mix product materials that produce paint, plastics, stucco, chemicals, fertilizer, clay, potting soil, amongst many other domestic and commercial use products. Ribbon blenders come in two different styles. The first style has a center to bottom discharge. This is the most popular and most efficient of the ribbon blender options. The second style has an end discharge. This is designed for discharging product materials at the end of a machine’s cycle, as opposed to its center. Ribbon blenders, on the whole, have counter current flow patterns inside of its blending chambers.

ribbon blenders

This keeps batched materials blended at uniform heights in the blender during the blending operation. The best ribbon blenders operate at high speeds. They are also easy to load and unload. A ribbon blender’s horsepower can go as high as 150. Machines are manufactured for size and construction in relation to its bulk density requirements and the user’s unique specifications. There is also a focus on achieving high levels of sanitation for the user and his environments, while still operating at low levels of maintenance.