What is a hydraulic seal?

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A hydraulic seal is a soft, but non-metallic ring. The hydraulic seals miami fl manufacturing and distribution processes endeavor to create a groove or fixed combination of rings. These go on to form a seal assembly. It is designed to block or separate fluid during reciprocating motion applications.

Hydraulic seals are key fixtures in machinery operations. Its use is critical for providing routes for fluid power to be converted into linear motions. Hydraulic seals are made from a variety of materials. These include rubber and polyurethane. The material used is informed by the specific operating conditions required or limits required for fluid types, fluid chemical compatibility or temperature, as well as pressure.

Other materials used during the manufacturing process include EPDM, Viton and filled PTFE. And then there is the static hydraulic seal. This is located in a groove but encounters no movement. Its sealing action is within a confined space. In this case, it acts like a gasket. In order to achieve the gasket, the gasket needs to be under pressure. Pressure is applied through tightening of attached bolts.

And there is what is known as a dynamic hydraulic seal. This is a rod seal that is exposed to movement on its inner diameter along its shaft or the rod of the hydraulic cylinder. That being said, the hydraulic seal is also known as a rod seal. A piston seal is exposed to movement but on an outer diameter running along the tube or the bore of a hydraulic cylinder.

The key feature of the above described hydraulic seals is that it offers the user or manufacturer protective properties. Whatever materials are passed through the seal’s linings are shielded from external forces that could compromise the integrity of these materials.